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TP-ZKK Large Scale Horizontal Screen

The TP-ZKK series of high-efficiency energy-saving large-scale horizontal screens , which has  6 independent patented technologiesare, are  mainly suitable for cleaning, wet and dry classification of medium and fine-grained materials, and can also be used for dry dewatering, de-intermediation and desliming operations. It has the advantages of high vibration intensity and high screening efficiency. Compared with the same production capacity using multiple ordinary screens, it has the characteristics of energy saving, reliable use and convenient maintenance. The product has 6 independent patented technologies

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Main Feature

Main features of the product:
1. Heavy-duty high-precision helical gear transmission box,  using imported vibration  comb special bearings to ensure the stability and reliability of  vibrator;
2. The vibrator installation beam adopts high-strength steel plate, double H structure design, automatic welding with special tooling, high weld strength, and its welding quality reaches international welding standards.
3. The screen beam is made of high-strength structural steel, with a rectangular cross-section structure design, and the part of the surface contacting the material is sprayed with polyvein or bonded with high wear-resistant rubber for protection.
4. High-precision polyurethane screen, with high opening rate of the screen surface, wear resistance and long service life


Technical Specification
Model Panels Size Feeding(mm) capacity (t/h)
Layor W*L(M) MESH(mm)
ZKK3045 1 3.0×4.5 0.5-13 ≤50 100-165
ZKK3052 1 3.0×5.2 0.5-13 ≤50 115-190
ZKK3061 1 3.0×6.1 0.5-13 ≤50 135-225
ZKK3645 1 3.6×4.5 0.5-13 ≤50 120-200
ZKK3652 1 3.6×5.2 0.5-13 ≤50 135-230
ZKK3661 1 3.6×6.1 0.5-13 ≤50 160-270
ZKK3675 1 3.6×7.5 0.5-13 ≤50 195-325
2ZKK3052 2 3.0×5.2 up:3-50 ≤100 230-400
2ZKK3061 2 3.0×6.1 up:3-50 ≤100 270-460
2ZKK3652 2 3.6×5.2 up:3-50 ≤100 270-480
2ZKK3661 2 3.6×6.1 up:3-50 ≤100 320-560
2ZKK3675 2 3.6×7.5 up:3-50 ≤100 390-650
Industry Application
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