We offer you a wide range of pre-sales consulting ting service,you can visit our website or leave a message,or make a call and send email visa the following for consultant







Engineering Design

To the strict and seriousness on technology for clientpvoviding a compacted proposal on


Professonal team of craftman spirit

We will send team of engineer or technical people to site assessment,installation guidance untill the full plant be in succesfull runing and production to the required products standard

Provide Full Plant Process Design

We not only develop new centrifugal ore dressing equipment, but also your process design engineer.

TOMINE has a group of advanced and experienced industrial and mining experts with the background of the Northwest Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, the Kunming Institute of Metallurgy to promote your business development .At the same time, TOMINE is the only supplier in the industry with independent intellectual property rights and providing environmentally friendly mineral processing solutions and services. While providing you with high-end equipment, we will provide production process consulting and design free of charge, and insert your take-off wings for your performance improvement, and optimize and transform the production process in the shortest time with the minimum test machine cost.


With the continuous growth of the management team , the business philosophy has continued to mature, and the after-sales service has been gradually improved due to the trust of customers. For this reason, we have made the following provisions and commitments in the after-sales service.

The Following Service Are Free
  • In warrant period, TOMINE provide to door service on free if the machine needs any repairer or parts
  • Free to adjust the machine ;
  • Free training of the customer’s users, trained personnel can effectively operate and maintain the equipment under normal conditions.
After-Sales Service Content and Measures

There is no holiday service throughout the year, usually respond within 2 hours, and the service team starts within 24 hours (oversea market). During the warranty period, TOMINE will fully assist in the handling of the following situations.

  • Failures that exceed the period of use or due to improper use or mishandling;
  • Failure due to irresistible factors.

TOMINE Service Department is responsible for establishing equipment life record for users who need services, and providing some necessary suggestions and opinions for customers to choose. Please do not hesitate to contact us!




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