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5G Industrial application on Cathode Copper Refinery

Object Introduction

To create “smart” factories and promote the construction of “digital Factory” as an opportunity, the industry branch  strengthens the role of green intelligent chain supplement, reform and innovation, explore 5G industrial applications, and create digital and intelligent factories. At present, the copper branch has completed the construction of 5G intelligent warehouse, realized the seamless connection of the copper library information system, opened up the automation of the business process, made a big step of “unmanned copper electrolysis workshop”, and took the lead in the domestic copper smelting industry to realize the intelligent management of the whole process of the product copper library.

In the future, the copper branch will promote the modernization level of the copper branch around the “three to build one to strengthen”. Create digital, intelligent copper smelting, to achieve information, digital, intelligent transformation. Build low-carbon, environmentally friendly and clean copper smelting, promote carbon neutrality and carbon peak, and build environmentally friendly factories. Build comprehensive resource recovery copper smelting, build a rare and precious metal recovery experiment platform, and improve the level of equipment automation. Strengthen the ability of technological innovation, and strongly improve the technical level and innovation ability of copper smelting.