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Wolframite Processing Plant

Wolframite Processing Plant

Object Introduction

The 6000TPD Tin processing plant is designed on the principal of crushing and gravity processing, the raw ores that explored in the tunnel is transported to the mining site with rail dumper into the hopper, in the hopper there is a water spraying system to wash out the soil before feeding to the movable crusher plant, after crushing the 400 size ore lump into 10MM below, there are two size in separate 0-5mm,5-10mm and +10mm above, the 0-5mm sizes are separated by two jigger machine and 5-10mm sizes are separated by one TP30 coarse jigger, the recycling ratio can reach up to 92% for concentrates, with 8% tailings are separately processed with shaking table and spirals.

1 .Instruction on Process and Plant Layouts
1.1 Mineral Processing Stages
1.1.1Crushing, washing and Gravity Concentration The Raw material is doped to the tip bin by dump truck or bulldozer. Material goes through the bin to the feeder before the washing screen. The washing screen washes the raw material. hereby water containing some fine material will go down and be stored in a pond , from the pond it goes down to the thickener through a slurry pump, meanwhile such material above the screen goes to primary Impact crusher through a flat sorting belt conveyor and one feeding belt. materials on the sorting belt conveyor some time contains some rocks and/or other big slag that is considered as waste material, to be sorted and moved to outside to the plant by another flat belt conveyor that is parallel to the sorting belt. This ensures that the material going to the primary Impact crusher is clean. After being primarily crushed by the Impact crusher, materials go to the secondary and tertiary Impact crusher. Crushed by these three crushers, the material is finally become to 0-20mm and could be screened to 0-10mm ,10-16mm and +16mm 0-10mm,10-16mm from the wet screen will go to the gravity concentration system and +16mm to the tertiary crusher for recycling crushing. Meanwhile, water containing some fine materials goes down to a pond beside the screen, and is to be pumped to the thickener by a slurry pump. from the screen goes to through one belt conveyor to the primary jigger, the tails from this jigger go down to the dewatering screen and go outside as aggregates through a belt conveyor for sale(construction), and concentrates go to the secondary jiggers. Tails from secondary jigger go to another dewatering screen and roller crusher, and the concentrates go to the tertiary jiggers. Tails from tertiary jiggers go to the same dewater screen and roller crusher, and concentrates go to the concentrate pond. dewatering screen and roller crusher process two tails, one is from secondary jiggers and another is from tertiary jigger. Being crushed by the roller crusher, tail materials go to a self-central screen plus water. From this screen, 0-1mm fines with water goes to a pond and to be pumped from the pond to thickener, meanwhile, +1mm goes to the primary jiggers for recycling process. 10-16mm goes into another system of jiggers as same process as 0-10mm;
· The transit tank will receive all the water containing fines from wet and dewatering screens except the one from the screen before the roller crusher, because water follows from this screen is relatively containing higher standard fines than the other water.
· Tails from spiral chute and tables go through U shape steel pipe to tailing pond, and concentrate from spiral and tables go directly to concentrate pond.Tails in the tailing pond go through slurry pump to tail dam, water in the dam returns back to pond for recycling application.
2)Concentrates Dewatering and Drying System
· Concentrates in the concentrate pond will go to the air filter through slurry pump for dewatering, water from air filter returns to concentrate pond, and concentrates go to rotary dryer through a belt conveyor from the filter.
3)Water Recycling System
· All the waters from thickeners, tails dam, concentrates pond, tails pond, transit pond and air filters etc will be precipitation in a settling tank or pond for recycling application. As we now don’t have clear understanding about on the site water conservancy system.
4.2 Water Supplying System:
· Daily Water Consumption: 21000 m³, in which 14700 m³/day is recyclable, water from tails dam is around 50%, fresh water from supplying system is around 6300 m³/day. daily live water consumption on office: around120 m³ / day.
4.3 Power System:
· Total power 1218Kw, excluding the motor for standby and water supplying system;
· Budget Live power Consumption: 170Kw,
· The voltage, frequency, insulation grade ,etc
380V Voltage for all the equipment is 380V50HZ, Frequency for all equipments is 50Hz;Electrical Controlling system/Board is Schneider technical made .The user must confirm the local voltage and frequency is complied with above; if the mining site amplitude if above 2000Meter, the user must keep informed with manufacture;

4.4 Civil Works (for indoor plant only)
Workshop: Can Use steel structure workshop, it is flexible and fast for building and removing; anyway this is optional to customer. And this part is excluding in this offer.
Foundation: foundation basis has to be prepared by user itself and/or under the guidance of manufacture’s civil work engineers based on the drawings provided by supplier.


Wolframite Processing PlantWolframite Processing Plant  Wolframite Processing Plant