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Low Grade Zinc-Lead Tailing

Low Grade Zinc-Lead Tailing

Object Introduction

Project Overview:

  • In order to recycle the  low-grade lead-zinc mine, we will build a production process based on TPC-800 vertical continuous cyclone centrifuge . The 120-ton ball mill was repeatedly commissioned to meet operating standards. After passing 120 tons of low-grade lead-zinc mine with an average grade of 3-4%, the whole process was successfully passed, and finally the recovered concentrate was obtained, the grade was about 15%, and the recovery rate was 40-60% (mainly depending on the content of oxidized ore;

              Low Grade Zinc-Lead Tailing Low Grade Zinc-Lead Tailing Low Grade Zinc-Lead Tailing

Project Benifit Return:

                 Low Grade Zinc-Lead TailingLow Grade Zinc-Lead TailingLow Grade Zinc-Lead Tailing

  • Economic Benefits: Through the use of TPC-800 vertical continuous cyclone centrifuge, it not only improves the recovery rate of low-grade lead-zinc minerals,
  • but also meets the environmental protection requirements of the process. The project can earn nearly 2500USDper day and 340000USD per year.

According to our industrial test data for the tailings left in flotation process plant always have such historical problem in the minining history over years, we carry out such test by directly pulping the flotation tailings and slurry the tailings after treatment, the backflushing amount with TPC800 concentrator is 1.5L/min, and the results are as follows:

Low Grade Zinc-Lead Tailing

name Feeding Production Heavy Sand  




Pb Zn Pb Zn
Tailing in flotation 2000Kg 0.53 0.22
Tailing After Concentrator 4.46% 93.2% 1.04 1.57 12.5 16
Mining Taining 2000Kg 0.54 3.96
Sample after concentrator 4.46% 85.1% 2.98 23.5 19.4