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Typical Case of composit linner for SAG Mill

Object Introduction

Composite liners are a new product developed by TOMINE to address cracks on alloy liners in SAG mills and leaks due to insufficient torque of liner bolts, as well as overgrinding of ore, resulting in an improved liner service life and mill working efficiency. The configuations are such as metal lifters + rubber liners, metal lifters + rubber composite liners, and composite lifters + rubber composite liners, so as to cope with different operating conditons.

Φ10.37×5.19m SAG Ball mill                 Φ10.37×5.19m SAG mill D.E liners      Workers replace  TOMINE rubber liners


Φ10.37×5.19m SAG rubber end liners                       A layout                                            45 days after installation of SAG mill end liners