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What’s the Advantage of TOMINE centrifuge?

Object Introduction

Part I: Wearing Resistance of Enrichment Cone

Other Semi-Batch Centrifuge Concentrator

water-jacketed Semi-Batch centrifuge uses metal enrichment cones, which are prone to wear and tear during use, and the cones are replaced frequently in once a month, and later the metal cladding process was adopted, which brought new problems and imbalances in dynamic balance, while the original wear problem was still not effectively solved

TOMINE Full Batch Centrifuge Concentrator

TOMINE cyclone Full batch centrifuge concentrator, the enrichment cone is cast as a whole unite with polyurethane, and the quality guarantee is up to 6 months. Our equipment has been running stably for 3 months without obvious wear marks, which better solves on wear resistance of the centrifuge enrichment cone and Dynamic balance problem


 Part II: Structure&Design

Semi-Batch Centrifuge Concentrator

The design defect of the semi bacth centrifuge is that the feed cannot be blocked during the ore discharge process, resulting in a large amount of raw ore directly flowing into the concentrate, polluting the concentrate, reducing the concentrate grade, and affecting the recovery rate of the entire beneficiation process

TOMINE Full Batch Centrifuge Concentrator

Our centrifuges are controlled by a pneumatic cut-off valve in real time, which can completely block the entry of raw ore during ore discharge, prevent the concentrate from being polluted, ensure the grade and recovery rate of the concentrate, and make the production of the entire beneficiation process more stable

Semi-Batch Centrifuge Concentrator

The design of the semi batch  centrifuge’s rotating system is unreasonable, and the quality of the accessories is poor, causing the body to vibrate up to 30mm\s during operation, and the body is installed on the steel structure, resulting in short bearing life and unstable mechanical connections.


TOMINE Full Batch centrifuge Concentrator’s  rotating system has a more reasonable design, its structural materials are all imported materials from Japan when the whole machine is , installed on a fixed foundation, the system  is more stable during operation, and the vibration of the whole machine is only 3-4mm/s, which greatly improves the performance of the whole machine. service life.

Part II:Intelligent working methods 

Semi-Batch Centrifuge concentrator

The working method of the Semi-batch  centrifuge as shown in this pant is as follows: combining several centrifuges concentrator to  form a united processing  plant . This kind of unit-type combined sorting is controlled by a relay control system. It takes 5-10 minutes to complete the enrichment and discharge of concentrate, or even delayed to once every 30 minutes, and the speed of the enrichment cone gradually decreases during the discharge, and the discharge is completed. After the mine, the rotation speed is nearly stagnant, and the acceleration needs to be restarted when sorting again, which leads to a lot of power waste.

TOMINE Full Batch Centrifuge Concentrator

TOMINE Full Batch  centrifuge adopts the PLC control system to monitor the rotating speed, vibration, temperature, water pressure, air pressure and other technical indicators of the equipment’s rotating system in real time, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the mineral processing system process to  complete an enrichment and Discharge concentrate action in 5 to 6 actions within 60 seconds. When the PLC system gives the ore discharge signal, the solenoid valve controls the pneumatic device to complete the ore discharge within 2 seconds, without reducing the speed of the enrichment cone, and without additional flushing water to complete the ore discharge, and the processing capacity is greatly improved

Part V: Production technical indicators

Semi Batch Centrifuge Concentrator

The Semi Batch centrifuge  concentrator is an intermittent operation mode of very short effective separation time cycle , moreover its rotating system is frequently started and stopped,  resulting in severe wearing problem and  unstable separation force field, causing the overall enrichment effect  getting worse and worse. The concentration of the concentrate is low, and the washing is not clean, which seriously affects the product quality and interferes with the back-end beneficiation process, resulting in narrow ore belts and poor indicators on the back-end shaking table.

The working mode of the Semi batch  centrifuge concentrators plant, designed  under the standard  capacity 800 tons/day of dry ore , requires the use of 4 units at the same time for unit-type combined ore dressing

TOMINE Centrifuge Concentrator

The single processing capacity of TOMINE full batch centrifuge can easily reach the dry ore processing capacity of 800-1000 ton/day, which greatly reduces the equipment investment and production consumption of the dressing plant, facilitates management and equipment maintenance, saving a lot of costs for the dressing plant.