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YA(K)Q Circular Vibrating Screen

  1. Vibrator
  • The vibrator is an eccentric shaft supported by spherical roller bearings at both ends and an eccentric block structure, so that the bearing is evenly stressed. A round tube beam type oil tank is added to make the screen frame more rigid.
  • Thin oil lubrication, long bearing life. The seal adopts our patented technology: the sealing ring cooperates with the high-precision mechanical seal to ensure that the lubricating oil does not leak.
  • YAQ vibrating screen is double exciter/Vibrator, synchronous toothed belt connection, good synchronization effect
  • The vibrator uses SKF or FAG vibrating screen special bearings.

B.Eccentric Shaft

  • The eccentric shaft is made of 45 # steel forgings, which are forged at one time through roughing, tempering, and DMG turning and milling complex machining centers, very long service life
  • The bearing seat is processed by the American CNC vertical machining System, and the positioning accuracy is 2μm, which improves the reliability and interchangeability of the product, and avoids the possibility of bearing damage due to low processing accuracy. The detection equipment is the American ADW three-coordinate detector.
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Main Feature

Comparation on New Type High Performance Heavy Duty Screen with Traditional YA/Yk Type Screen

Comparison of new shaft eccentric circular vibrating screen and old block eccentric circular vibrating screen

In the old-style circular vibrating screen, the exciter adopts the block eccentric form, and the eccentric blocks at both ends of the exciter are connected by a coupling to perform synchronous movement. The coupling connected to the eccentric block is a hollow steel tube, which has low strength and is easy to twist. After twisting, the phase angles of the eccentric blocks at both ends are inconsistent, causing torsional vibration of the equipment, resulting in a low life of the equipment side plate and coupling, etc. The failure rate is high.

As the eccentric block is connected by a coupling, the coupling is not an eccentric design, so no excitation force is generated, so the vibration strength of the circular vibrating screen using the block eccentric exciter is stronger than that of the circular vibrating screen using the shaft eccentric vibrator The force is small, and the influence of the vibration weight of the screen machine on the equipment must be considered when designing the screen box. Therefore, the weight of the old round vibrating screen is lighter than the new round vibrating screen, so the overall strength is poor, and the failure rate of the equipment is relatively new. The circular vibrating screen is much taller.

The lubrication method of the old-style circular vibrating screen is dry lubrication of grease, oil must be shut down every few days of work, the labor cost is high, the work intensity of employees is large, and the amount of oil injection will have a direct impact on the vibrator. Well, the working temperature will be too high and it will be damaged prematurely. Injecting more oil will cause oil resistance, and it will also cause high operating temperature. The motor load will increase and the motor will be damaged prematurely. The most important thing is that dry oil lubrication is not suitable for low temperature work in northern winter. The grease has poor resistance to low temperature and the equipment is shut down during winter. If the time is too long, it will be difficult to start the device, so when the north is restarted after stopping in winter, the motor is often burned directly.

The new shaft eccentric circular vibrating screen is a product independently developed by Anzhong to improve the structural defects of the old block eccentric circular vibrating screen. The exciter is: shaft eccentricity plus block eccentricity, and the lubrication method is gear oil wet lubrication.


  1. the lubrication method is advanced, the vibrator’s working temperature is low, and the bearing is fully lubricated. At the same time, the vibrator is designed to be oil-free and maintenance-free. During the use of the vibrator, because the lubricant does not leak, the loss is usually very small, so The sieve does not need to be stopped for oil injection at ordinary times, which significantly improves the equipment operation rate, greatly reduces the workload of employees, and can increase economic benefits for the enterprise.
  2. Since the eccentric blocks at both ends of the vibrator are connected by the eccentric shaft, the eccentric shaft also participates in the generation of eccentric force during work, so the exciting force of the new shaft eccentric exciter is larger than that of the old block eccentric exciter Therefore, when designing the screen machine, the parametric vibration weight of the screen machine is not a key consideration. The key consideration is the strength and reliability of the screen machine equipment. The service life is also much improved than the old one. The processing capacity is significantly increased, and the failure rate is significantly reduced.
  3. eccentric shaft cover shaft cover tube, the overall rigidity of the screen machine is good, the torsion becomes smaller, the phase angle of the eccentric block connected to it is particularly stable, and the screen machine rarely produces torsional shock, so the screen machine runs smoothly, the cloth is uniform, and the screening efficiency Higher.
Technical Specification
  1. The machine must be turned before the test run, and all parts should be free to move without obstruction
  2. No abnormal noise, and check that the distance between the vibration part and the fixed facility is not less than 80mm before trial operation
  3. After 8 hours of continuous trial operation, the maximum bearing temperature does not exceed 75 ° C.
  4. The fastening bolts of the vibration system and the sieve plate must be tightened. After 8 hours of trial operation, they must be tightened once. After the formal operation, they must be checked frequently to ensure that they are not loose.
  5. There are two types of installation for the left and right of the motor, the figure shows the right installation;
  6. The machine is divided into ordinary type (Y) and explosion-proof type (YB); the voltage is 380V and 660V.
  7. The processing capacity range in the technical parameter table is based on the dry classification of coal with a bulk density of 0.95t / m according to the maximum and minimum sieve openings of the upper sieve surface. 40%, the particle content larger than the mesh size accounts for 25%, and the screening efficiency is 90%.

Screen Deck: 2 Deck

Top Deck: 30*30 Stamping steel Plate

Down Deck: 10*10mm PU Panel

Water Spayor: 3 Lines Horizontal Spraying

Steel Structure ladders, walkway, two side ladder

weight: 5.7Ton

Industry Application