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The TP-30 Model Coarse jiger is mainly used for the sorting corse mineral with lump size -15mm below, After the improvement and innovation , its processing capacity and scope of application have been greatly improved. It is One of the granulating gravity beneficiation equipments, currently used for the treatment of hematite, limonite, mirror iron ore, antimony ore, mercury ore, barite ore, celestite ore, fluorite ore, etc. Recycling of various iron alloy slags such as silicomanganese slag. It has a large processing capacity, good sorting effect, and can be selected in other mineral processing advantages.

A.Working principles ofTP-30jigger

TP-30 jigger is rectangle side-moving jigger with two rows and four chambers. The motor drives the reduction gear to move by the transmission belt and there are eccentric adjustment device at the two ends of the output shaft of the reduction gear. The eccentric adjustment device drives the connecting rod to bring the driving pan to do alternative motion squeezing the liquid in the cell body to move. The moving water-flows impact the ore on the screen to make the ore in the shape of free-falling body in the liquid. The ore grains own different dropping speed in the liquid because of the different density, so the ore will separate naturally. Finally, the heavier ore will be discharged out of the cell body after the adjustment and the lighter ore floats the waste-discharging mouth to be discharged and the whole ore beneficiation process is finished.

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Main Feature

Advantages and Characteristics

1.Energy saving, high efficiency and environmental protection.

2.The selected particle size range is wide, and 0-30mm grain grade minerals can be selected without classification.

3. Simultaneous discharging at upper and lower  on tailing and concentrates;

4.Continuous work performance is stable, using high wear-resistant technology, long service life of equipment;

Technical Specification
Technical Specification
Section Diagram Jigger Drum Jigger Area(㎡) Water consumption CBM/Day Coefficient Stroke(mm) Frequency  (R/Min) Capacity      (T/h) Power              (Kw)
Retange Double 4 2.574 220 0.47 0-50 130-160 10–25 3
Industry Application