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CTL Perm-Magnetic Dry-Type Separator

The dry drum separator consists of a stationary magnetic yoke with a number of permanent magnets placed insidea rotating drum of nonmagnetic material. The magnets have alternating polarity and are normally of strontium-ferrite. The revolving drum is made in two versions:

1) for low speed, stainless steel with a replaceable wear cover of rubber, polyurethane or stainless steel and,

2) for high speed, reinforced plastic with rubber or polyurethane wear protection.

The magnetic drum assembly is contained in a dust proof housing with an opening at the bottom for discharge of both magnetic and nonmagnetic products. These products are separated by means of a splitter placed under the drum inside of the housing. The whole unit can be dust vented by connecting the plant exhaust system to the outlet provided on the housing.

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Main Feature

►The separators are available with dust housing designs and magnetic drum assemblies in several designs to meet varying requirements.

►The dry separator is used for iron ore with particles sizes up to 20 mm.

►The magnetic system is available in five designs and allows for very highest loading with excellent selectivity at highest recovery, which reduces the number of units required. Fewer machines means less maintenance, lower capital and operating costs.


►Efficient separation can be obtained with particle sizes in the range of 0.1 mm depending on moisture content up to 25 mm

►By utilizing separators with different drum speeds, it is often possible to obtain a high grade concentrate with middlings and tailings as separate products

►Often, dry magnetic separation can be more flexible than conventional wet magnetic separation and can provide large savings in grinding costs by recovering the valuable minerals at an early process stage.

This product Is mainly used In the following occasions :

  1. For the preliminary separation of low grade ore to increase the grinding grade and lower ore processing cost.
  2. For the processing of ore tailings and recollection of the relatively concentrated tailings from the dry sections of the tailing pond.
  3. For the purification of the dried pyrite cinder*
  4. For the economic and effective iron removal of non-magnetic materials.
  5. For the concentrate purification operation In magnetic separation factories to remove the lean Inter-growth and gangue from the concentrate to improve its grade and the value-added of the products.


Technical Specification
Model  Roller diameter (mm) Roller length(mm) speed(r/min)  Magnetic intensity on the roller surface (mT)  Processing capacity T/h External dimensions (mm) LxBxH Motor power kw Weight kg
CTL-0816 800 ` 0-63 magnetic strength should be determined in accordance with the nature of the ore 35-55 3053X1295X1671 7.5 2750
CTL-0818 800 1800 0-63 55-70 3266X1295X1671 11 3300
CTL-0821 800 2100 0-63 70-85 3936X1295X1671 15 3900
CTL-0824 800 2400 0-63 85-100 4235X1295X1671 18,5 4450
CTL-1021 1050 2100 0-50 100-130 4030X1545X2046 18.5 4800
CTL-1224 1200 2400 0-50 115-150 4720X1545X1850 22 5180