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Attrition Scrubber

TOMINE TX series Attrition Scrubber  is a mechanical equipment that is  designed and manufactured  according to the actual needs in silica sand and quartz sand production plant. It is used for scrubbing ore  slurry   at density 40-70%, which can remove impurities such as mud and oxided layer adhering  to  sand  surface so as to obtain high- purified sand. Its unique tank structure and impeller configuration of TX series scrubber  increase the scrubbing strength  up to 30% while compared with anytraditional scrubbing machines of the same specification,efficiency could reach to 100%



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Main Feature

TOMINE TX series scrubbing machine , also calls attrition Scrubber, is used for scrubbing off the impurity on  silica sand surface in silica processing plant , it has  a four-slotted  scrubbing tanks inside the chamber, in which a large and small impeller stirring devices are placed in each scrubbing tank. TOMINE’S Attrition Scrubber is  characterized with that each stirring device is connected with the direct-connected gear motor which is connected to the frame that is installed on the frame top. Compared with the current technology world wide, TOMINE’s attrition scrubber has such advantages as in below:


  1. Much less space for installation and less in dimension
  2. Much Less noise and vibration force while in operation
  3. Suitable for scrubbing high-concentration materials
  4. The highest scrubbing concentrationvolume density can reach 75%,
  5. Efficiency for scrubbing materialshas been largely improved
  6. Improvelargely scrubbing effect on material surface
  7. Scrubbing efficiency can reach to 100%;


Technical Specification
S.N Feeding




Tank Size


Impellor Dia (mm) Power (kw) W.T. (kg) Dimension/mm
TX1-1 W10 10-30 1 480 15 1400 1180*1150*2060
TX1-2 <10 10-30 1*2 480*2 30 2400 2280*1150*2060
TX2-1 W10 30-60 2 520 30 3300 1600*1600*2780
TX2-2 <10 30-60 2*2 520*2 60 6200 3080*1600*2780
TX4-1 W10 60-100 4 770 55 7500 1900*1760*3470
TX4-2 W10 60-100 4*2 770*2 110 14500 3720*1760*3470