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Dry Type SAG Mill

The dry self-grinding machine/semi-self-grinding machine is a kind of equipment which uses the ore itself to crush and grind. The barrel has larger diameter, shorter length and larger feeding size, which can replace medium crushing, fine crushing and coarse crushing. Production Process. Generally, the amount of steel balls added from the mill is 2-3X of the effective volume of the mill, and the amount of steel balls added by the semi-autogenous mill is 10-1 2X of the effective volume of the mill. Since the amount of steel balls is small, the liner can be effectively reduced. The wear and the consumption of the steel ball are also small, and the grinding product has less pulverization phenomenon, and the iron impurities are reduced, thereby improving the beneficiation index and improving the quality of the concentrate.

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Main Feature
  • Large crushing ration;
  • Fully automatic works and operation with PLC control
  • Materials inside was grinded into the required size for ball mill with steel media
Technical Specification
                                      Wet Type Semi-Self Grinding Technical Specification
MA4016 4000X1600 19 13 16.2 310
MA4518 4500X1800 27 19 15.3 470
MA5020 5000X2000 38 27 14.5 700
MA5522 5500X2200 51 36 13.8 960
Industry Application