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DWG Series Dewater Screen

TOMINE DWG series high-frequency dewatering screen is suitable for screening coarse particles and other impurities in slurry with a concentration of less than 50%, with a large handling capacity, small footprint, strong adaptability to fluctuations in feed size and concentration, slow running speed of each moving part, low wear and failure rate, reliable work, simple operation and maintenance. It is applied in the slag separating and screening of large particle ores and debris, and can be used in coal, smelting, building materials, chemical industry and other fields which need to remove slag.

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Main Feature
  • Advantage It is suitable for screening impurities such as coarse particles in pulp with concentration less than 50%.
  • It has large processing capacity, small footprint, strong adaptability to fluctuation of feed particle size and concentration,
  • slow operation speed of all moving parts, low wear and failure rate, reliable operation and simple operation and maintenance.
Technical Specification
Model Sieving Area
Handing capaity
Sieving Obliquity Feeding Concentratior Dimension
DWG-1130   2.19 0-2 2×1.0 ≤25 0±5° 30-55% 3080×1680×1965
DWG-1140   2.92 0-2 2×1.0 ≤30 3880×1680×2165
DWG-2130   2.63 0-2 2×1.0 ≤30 3080×1880×1965
DWG-2140   3.5 0-2 2×1.0 ≤40 3880×1880×2165
Industry Application