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Linear Vibrating Screen

TOMINE'S ZKS series linear vibrating screen is double motors drove. It can be used in screening and classifying for powder, widely used in plastics, abrasives, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, building materials.

Circular Vibrating Screen

TOPMIE'S YK circular vibrating screen is is designed specifically for material stone screening in quarry, coal preparation, mineral processing, building material.

Spiral Concentrator

Spiral concentrator is our company’s concentrating experienced scientific product, which is the best concentrating equipment, especially for concentrating sand ore in beach, riverside, seashore and stream.

Rubber Linned Shaking Table

TOMINE Rubber Lined Shaking table has been favored for its large surface friction coefficient , high beneficiation ratio, good wear resistance, long service life.

Fiber Glass Shaking Table

TOMINE'S Fiber Glass Shaking table is related to such factors as feeding property, particle composition, operation condition and mineral quality

Three-Deck Shaking Table

TOMINE 'S triple-deck shaking table is a new product that has been continuously summarized and improved in the long-term production practice in gravity beneficiation

Rock loader

TOMINE roack loader has been widely used in thousands of mining companies in China, service a the major tunnel transportation equipments while compaired with other brand, of the top quality at present of the Chinese quality standard.

Tram car

The mining car made by TOMINE is a new bucket tripping car that has been improved over many times, and the quality meets the standard JB/T 9025-1999 one-side curved rail side-dump and JB/t9026-1999 dump harvester.

Wire Line Mining locomotive

The line type mine electric locomotive produced by TOMINE is suitable for the transportation of the main roadways and different sections of the roadway in the traction mining area, for transporting minerals, equipment and personnel, etc. This type of mine locomotive is a non-explosion-proof electric locomotive, so it is only suitable for the use of metal ore or non-metallic mine in general without explosion danger.

Hydro Cyclone Cluster

TOMINE'S Hydro cyclones are a common separating and classifying device, widely used in minerals processing flows of close&open circuited grinding-classification

High Efficient Shaking Table

TOMINE Painting type Shaking table is one of the traditional product improved and perfected in the long-term production practice in mineral gravity beneficiation.