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TPDG Rollers Magnetic Separator

The magnetic system is made of neodymium magnet or ferrite magnet,with the open magnetic circuit design, the magnetic intensity can reach to 0.8T at the surface of roller

CTL Perm-Magnetic Dry-Type Separator

CTL DRY MAGNETIC SEPARATOR,made of magnetic drum ,carbon steel framework,driving motor,and other parts,for the preliminary separation of low grade ore

Wet Permanent Magnetic Separator

Wet drum permanent magnetic separator is suitable for mine, coal preparation plant etc. use weak wet magnetic field to sort out the strong magnetic ore

Ausmelt Furnace

Ausmelt Technology has proven to be well suited to the economic recovery of values from such sources.

Rotary Dryer

Drum Rotary Dryer produced by TOMINE mainly uses the direct heat transfer method to dry the concentrated minerals .

Fine Tin Ingot Casting Unite

Tin Ingot Automatic Casting unit is such an automatic continuous casting system integrating with main machine, light, electricity and gas.

Electrothermal Continuous Crystallizer

TOMINE Electrothermal Continuous Crystallizer is a new refining equipment to remove lead and antimony from crude tin, It can process all kinds of crude tin

Horizontal Converter

The copper and nickel converters are mainly used to remove such elements and impurities such as Fe and S

HXGN15-12 Ring Net Cabinet

The cabinet structure adopts aluminum zinc plate with multiple folding and bending, and it is hard and fast. Tight up simple structure, good appearance, reasonable layout, combined with modern sensor technology and the latest protection relay

KYN28A-12 Center Cabinet

The KYN28A-12 misplaced shifting center-mounted metal-enclosed switchgear is a complete power distribution unit of 3. 6_12kV three-phase AC 50HZ single busbar and single busbar segmentation system.

TPX Power Distribution Box

TPX type lighting distribution box is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, AC frequency 50, 60HZ, voltage 220V/380V, rated current 5-225A for lighting distribution, this equipment is responsible for completing power control and protection at the end of low voltage power supply system

MNS Switch Cabinet

MNS type low-voltage switchgear is manufactured according to the transfer technology of ABB company of Switzerland.