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Mobile Silo Loading Machine

The Mobile Silo loading conveyor is much flexible than any other type loading machine with relativly long distance but limited and critical operation area

TS24R crawler radial rotary conveyor

The good performance and high reliability of TOMINE equipment have been proven in various working conditions and climate applications around the world.

Wheeled Radial Conveyors

The crawler conveyor is a crawler-type fully mobile conveyor, usually used in mobile crushing stations and screening stations. Due to transportation conditions, it is not allowed to expand the volume and length of the vehicle-mounted conveyor to cope with continuous Increased production volume.

High Throwing Strength Screen

TOMINE'S High Throwing Strength Vibrating Screen with high projection intensity is currently the screen with the highest projection intensity and screening efficiency.

TP-ZKK Large Scale Horizontal Screen

The TP-ZKK series of high-efficiency energy-saving large-scale horizontal screens are mainly suitable for cleaning, wet and dry classification of medium and fine-grained materials,

YA(K)Q Circular Vibrating Screen

The vibrator is an eccentric shaft supported by spherical roller bearings at both ends and an eccentric block structure, so that the bearing is evenly stressed.

Multi-Deck High Frequency Screen

TOMINE Multi Deck screen is used to classify slime in coal preparation and other ferric metal plant reducing slime ash for improving concentrates quality

Vertical Ring Magnetic Separator

TPGT Vertical ring and pulsating high gradient magnetic separator utilizes the combined force field of magnetism,pulsating fluid and gravity

TPWK Disc-Type Tailing Reclaimer

TPWK Disc-Type Tailing Reclaimer is mainly used for the separation of fine-grained strong magnetic ore and removing magnetic mix-in from non-magnetic slurry materials

River Sand Magnetic Separator

TPYH Magnetic seperator for river sand has a highly strong magnetic field and gradient distribution and through optimizing the magnetic circuit, adopts the large magnetic wrapping angle upper position

TPDG Rollers Magnetic Separator

The magnetic system is made of neodymium magnet or ferrite magnet,with the open magnetic circuit design, the magnetic intensity can reach to 0.8T at the surface of roller

CTL Perm-Magnetic Dry-Type Separator

CTL DRY MAGNETIC SEPARATOR,made of magnetic drum ,carbon steel framework,driving motor,and other parts,for the preliminary separation of low grade ore