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GX100  Exploration Core Drilling Rig

WRIKU@ GX100  Exploration Core Drilling Rig GX-100 is a shallow light drilling rig with a drilling capacity of Max 100m depth, it is Applicable to engineering geological survey and general core drilling  that is also a  new type of portable engineering geological drilling machine with vertical shaft type mechanical transmission, hydraulic control feeding and hydraulic moving to make the hole open. It has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, compact structure, easy maintenance and repair, good disassembly performance, light disassembly parts, large installed power, simple operation and so on. The drilling machine can be equipped with diesel engine or motor according to user’s requirements.

GX – 100 type drilling rig in the design and processing to carry out a wide variety of new foundation national standards, to the important parts and components manufacturing adopted a number of advanced and mature process, such as nitriding vertical shaft, gear processing, the inner diameter of hard-toothed surface centering rectangle spline, hydraulic components used the new generation products, to ensure that the mechanical transmission system and hydraulic system of drilling rig inner quality is stable and reliable, the machine performance to improve.

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Main Feature

Main technical parameters

1. The final hole diameter (mm) : Φ 150; Φ 130; Φ 110; Φ 91; Φ 75

2. Drilling depth (m) : 20; 30; 50; 70; 100

3. Borehole Angle: 0 ° ~ 90 °

4. Rotation speed of vertical shaft (r/min) : 180; 430; 688

5. Maximum lifting force of vertical shaft (KN) : 30

6. Vertical shaft stroke (mm) : 400

7. Maximum lifting force of low speed single rope of the winch (KN) : 10

8. Hoisting speed of hoist (m/s) : 0.45; 1; 1.07

9. Drum rope capacity (m) : 25 (9.3 mm steel wire rope Φ)

10. Oil pump: CBW-F310-CFPL gear oil pump

11. Equipped with power:

12. Motor Y160M-4; 11 kw; 1460 (r/min)

13. Diesel engine S1100; 11 kw; 2200 (r/min)

14. Drilling rig dimensions: length * width * height (mm) : 1360*620*1080 (mm)

15. Rig weight (excluding power machine) : 370kg

Technical Specification
Basic parameters Drilling depth 30~100m
Drilling diameter Φ150~Φ75mm
Diameter of drilling pipe Depends on the choices on drilling hole
Power head 1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear 4th gear
Rotational speed output (clockwise) 90r/min 191r/min 360r/min 600r/min
Rated maximum torque output 1000N.m
Up down feeding stroke of the power head 450mm
Winch Main hoist
Lifting ability (Single rope 1st layer) 14.7KN
Maximum lifting speed of single rope 2.08m/min
Steel rope specification 11mm
Capacity for the steel rope 25m
Power Electric motor Model Y160M-4
Power 11KW
Rotational speed 1460r/min
Industry Application