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Exploration Drilling Rig XY-2

Exploration core drilling rig, vertical Shaft type XY-2/2L is with drill bits made from diamonds and alloys for core drilling. it is applicable in geological prospecting, hydrology, drilling for water well and large diameter drilling projects. It weighs only 950kg excluding the engine and can be transported in 8 different parts where the largest part has weight 140kg. Therefore, it is suitable for works in mountainous areas as it can be transported easily. The drilling depth is 100-530m. It advantages include light weight, good quality, high installing power, wide range of performance and strong adaptability.

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Main Feature

Feature of XY-2 Rig

1. The drilling rig has a large number of speeds (8 gears) and a reasonable speed range (when the power machine speed is 1500r/min, the highest speed of the drilling rig is 1172 r/min and the lowest speed is 65 r/min). And the low-speed torque is relatively large, and the application range is wide.

2. The drilling rig has two reverse speeds (51 r/min, 242 r/min), which is convenient for handling accidents.

3. The drilling rig has advanced structure and reasonable layout, which is convenient for maintenance, maintenance and repair.

4. The drilling rig is small in size, light in weight and good in detachability. Its total weight without power machine is only 950kg. It can be broken down into eight parts for handling, and the maximum part weight is 140kg. Relocation and transportation are convenient, especially in mountainous areas and water network areas.

5. The vertical axis of the drilling rig has a length of 600mm, which is beneficial to improve the drilling efficiency and reduce the occurrence of accidents such as plugging and burning.

6. The moving vehicle is stable, the fixing is simple and reliable, and the high-speed drilling stability is good.

7. The drilling rig uses dual oil pumps for oil supply, which has low power consumption and low oil temperature in the hydraulic system.

8. The weight-on-bit gauge and the pressure gauge of the hydraulic system are combined into one, and the oil-filled anti-vibration structure is adopted. The weight-on-bit

9. The value scale is simple, the indication is accurate, and the instrument has a long service life.

10.  The drilling rig has few control handles, reasonable layout, flexible and reliable operation.

11. In addition to high-speed drilling, the drilling rig can also perform low-speed large-diameter drilling.

Technical Specification
rameters Drilling depth 25~30m
Drilling diameter Φ110~Φ75mm
Diameter of drilling pipe Depends on the choices on drilling hole
Power head 1st gear 2nd gear 3rd gear
Rotational speed output (clockwise) 110r/min 234r/min 332r/min
Rated maximum torque output 326N.m
Up down feeding stroke of the power head 350mm
Winch Lifting ability (Single rope 1st layer) 3.43KN
Maximum lifting speed of single rope 1.78m/min
Steel rope specification 6.2mm
Lifting ability (Single rope 1st layer) 20m
Power Diesel motor model Y132S1-2
Power 5.5KW
Rotational speed 2900r/min