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Fine Tin Ingot Casting Unite

The fine tin ingot automatic casting unit is such an automatic continuous casting system integrating with main machine, lighting device, electricity and gas. The melted tin liquid which flows out from the tin crucible through liquid adjusting device, the boat-shaped chute and the 10t/h distributor (simultaneous pouring 2 Ingot),is injected into a linear horizontal casting  system to complete automatic casting in passing of such operations like artificial splitting , circulating water cooling, automatic printing, automatic stripping, knocking off, stacking, bundling and other series of actions, these series of operations mainly rely on PLC automatic sequence control. The ingot mode movement and the clamp position are completed by the variable frequency speed regulating motor, and the other actuators are completed by the pneumatic system. The remaining non-ferrous metal ingot units can be designed and manufactured according to the user’s process parameters.

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Main Feature
  1. The fine tin ingot automatic casting unit is such an automatic continuous casting system
  2.  PLC fully automatic controlling;
  3. Pattened products  with a leader technology in Tin smelting industry worldwide
  4. Easy installation and transportation;
  5. Fully self-developed technology
Technical Specification

Technical Condition and Requirement:

  1. Products Weight and Dimension:

A.Tin Ingot weight:26. 3Kgs + 0. 5Kgs Size in mm(L*H) (550x130x77);

B.Number of Tin ingots per print: 1 off modle size: 745X270X181 (LxWxH) in mm;

C.Ingot Packing Size;

D.There are 38 blocks per 8 layers, each layer is 4-5 blocks

E.Over All Dimesion (mm):550*550×616 1000Kg each block;

F.Product temperature: tin liquid temperature 310-290°C;

G.casting and discharge at 80-11 0°C; stacking and finished conveyor 60°C ;

2.Other Condition:

A.Power supply: power 380V±5% three-phase AC 50Hz±1% ;

B. Control power 220V±5% three-phase AC 50Hz±1%;

C. Compressed air: pipe network power 0. 7Mpa, runing pressure 6.5Mpa;

D.Compressed air consumption: 100m3 /h (single air supply);

E. Industrial cooling water: clarified cooling water supply pressure 0.25Mpa water temperature <35’C;

F. Operation mode: continuous operation;

G.Cooling method: circulating water cooling, water consumption: 26-52m3 / h (surface spray and die immersion combined)

H. INJECTOR RUNING SPEED:~31mm/s(1.85m/min);

I. Adjusting Mode: frequency adjusting;

J.Stacking transport speed:~5m/min;

K.33X6X3. 3m L*W*H METER

L. Total Power: 36Kw

M.Total Weight: 45T