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HXGN15-12 Ring Net Cabinet

The cabinet structure adopts aluminum zinc plate with multiple folding and bending, and it is hard and fast. Tight up simple structure, good appearance, reasonable layout, combined with modern sensor technology and the latest protection relay, as well as the advanced technical performance and lightweight, flexible assembly scheme more adapt to market changes; Optional electric mechanism, PT, CT, UPS, FTU can be used for distribution automation

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Main Feature
  • 1.HXGN15-12 ac metal-enclosed switchgear ring network using FN (> 10 (R) D / 1 00-31.
  • 2.Indoor ac high voltage load switch type 5 a fuse breaker combination electric appliance, FfD – 10 D / 630-20 indoor ac high voltage vacuum load switch,
  • 3.FNOIO (R) D / 630 type air indoor communication load combination switch a fuse, FZNO vacuum load switch as the main switch, it is mainly used for three-phase ac ring network;
  • 4.terminal power distribution network and industrial electrical equipment, for receiving and distribution of electric energy,
  • 5.can also be applied to box-type substation. Especially suitable for no oil, no maintenance and frequent operation place.
  • 6.Meet the national standard GB3906-91 « 3-35 kv indoor ac metal-enclosed switchgear,
  • 7. KL404 / T “indoor ac high voltage switch cabinet order technical conditions” and international is versed in IEC – 298 « ac metal-enclosed switchgear and control equipment. Standard.
Technical Specification

Application Enviroment:

1, Ambient air temperature: no more than +40 ° C, not less than _15 ° C

2. Altitude above 2000m;

3.The average relative humidity of the day and month is no more than 95%;

4.Earthquake: the seismic intensity does not exceed 8 degreesThe surrounding air should be free from obvious pollution such as corrosive or flammable gases and water vapor.

Industry Application