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MNS Switch Cabinet

MNS type low voltage switch equipment manufactured with a standard module, these equipments assemblied in the factory of such like low-voltage switchgear, is suitable for ac 50 to 60 hz and rated S660V electric voltage, rated current under 3150 as power supply and distribution system, used widely in  power generation, transmission, distribution, power conversion and control of power consumption equipment

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Main Feature

MNS Switchgear has been passed through the following stahndards:

1.National “3C”Compulsory certificates

2.National Standard: GB7251.1-2005(Low Voltage Switchgear and control Equipment);

3.National Mechnical Machinery Industry Standard: JB/T9661-1 999 Low Voltage Drawer Type Swithgear Equipments;


Technical Specification

Application environment:

1, environmental temperature, ambient air temperature is not more than + 40 ° C, not below _5 °C.


2, environment humidity, clean air, the highest temperature in + 40 ° C when the relative humidity of not more than 50 x.


3, temperature range at _25 ° C to + 55 ° C is suitable for the transportation and storage process, in a short period of time (more than 24 h) to + 70 ° C.


  1. The elevation is no more than 2000 meters
Industry Application