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NZJL Series Light Duty Slurry Pump

TOMINE NZJL series slurry pumps are equivalent to Warman L series pumps. Solid and durable, centrifugal dredge pump is always the first choice for transporting tail mine slurry, ashes and other slurries in dressing plant, power station, coal washer and metallurgical plant. TOMINE offers sand pump, sludge pump, dredge pump and other customized slurry pumps upon your request.

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Main Feature


This series can be applied when the density of slurry is less than 30%. Based on the material of impeller, the pump can be divided into NZJL-R(rubber impeller) and NZJL-M(metal impeller). The method of shaft seal includes Packing Seal and Expeller Seal. The range of discharge size is 200-650mm; flow rate range is 300-10000m3/h and head is 10-68m. The metal wet ends and rubber wet ends can be displaced by each other.

Additionally, our slurry pumps are good replacements for Warman slurry pumps, Metso slurry pumps, Goulds slurry pumps, etc.



Comparing with heavy duty slurry pump, the light duty pump has higher speed, smaller size and lighter weight. It is applied to transfer fine particle, low-density or corrosive slurry. The weight density of slurry normally is less than 30%. It can be also used to transfer high density slurry with low abrasion.


  • Light-duty slurry pump employs unique anti-corrosive design and the wetted parts have a long service life.
  • Multistage tandem technology can be used to meet long distance transportation.
  • Centrifugal dredge pump has features of high performance cost ratio, easy maintenance, wide performances and high efficiency.
  • Various types of wetted parts are provided to meet all kinds of working conditions.
  • Rubber front plate of light-duty slurry pump can be used for 205 days. And the service time of rubber impeller is 120 days, much longer than other impellers.
  •  TOMINECorporation gains technological supports form Beijing General Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Eastern China University of Science and Technology, etc.
  • Light-duty slurry pump makes use of EDEM discrete finite element analysis software in the design.
  • The flow cross section is enlarged and components structures are optimized.
  • Centrifugal dredge pump adopts a lot of wear resistant designs to reduce abrasion.
  • High wear resisting rubber is employed which features high resilience, chemical stability, anti-cavitation, light weight and easier replacement. Besides, this kind of rubber can absorb noise and vibration. Thus, light-duty slurry pump is much more resistant to erosion.
  • Strict quality tests ensure the quality of the pump.
  • TOMINEalso offers centrifugal dredge pump selecting service.
Technical Specification

Parameters of Design Duty Points of NZJL Series Light Duty Slurry Pump:

Design duty points refer to the rated point designated at the beginning of design of a slurry pump which is usually the highest efficiency point. Working range is increased by adjusting the speed of an NZJL light duty head slurry pump practically.

Model FLOWRATE Q(m3/h) HEAD H(m) SPEED n(r/min) Drive Arrangement Blades
Inlet Diameter(mm) Outlet
200NZJL-R 240-1000 16.2-43 600-900 CRZ/ZVZ, DCZ 5 254 203 572
250NZJL-R 480-1280 13.8-37 600-900 CRZ/ZVZ, DCZ 5 305 254 571
300NZJL-R 531.3-1860 12.9-42 500-800 CRZ/ZVZ, DCZ 5 350 300 665
350NZJL-M,MR 794.1-2700 13.5-58 450-850 CRZ/ZVZ, DCZ,GEARBOX 5 400 350 750
350NZJL-R 932.1-2500 14.1-40 450-700 CRZ/ZVZ 5 400 350 750
400NZJL-M,MR 1100-3950 11.3-53 350-700 CRZ/ZVZ, DCZ,GEARBOX 5 450 400 840
400NZJL-R 896.9-3250 10.6-37 350-590 CRZ/ZVZ, DCZ 5 450 400 840
450NZJL-M,MR 1708.5-4608 14.4-47 350-590 CRZ/ZVZ, GEARBOX 5 500 450 950
450NZJL-R 1374.5-4300 13.8-41 350-550 CRZ/ZVZ, GEARBOX 5 500 450 950
550NZJL-M,MR 2557.9-7500 12.2-51 250-475 CRZ/ZVZ, GEARBOX 5 650 550 1235
550NZJL-R 2435.3-6660 12.5-42 250-425 CRZ/ZVZ, GEARBOX 5 650 550 1235
650NZJL-M,MR 3049.4-11520 12.4-64 200-425 CRZ/ZVZ, GEARBOX 5 800 650 1440