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Oxygen-Enriched Side-Blowing Smelter

Oxygen-rich side-blown smelting technology is one of the modern oxygen-rich molten pool smelting technologies. It integrates  processes  of concentrate drying, roasting and smelting tasks. Its technical characteristics  with wide adaptability to raw materials, simple material preparation, high productivity and low investment. Its most significant features are energy saving and environmental protection. After nearly 20 years of practice and improvement, China United’s oxygen-rich side-blown molten pool melting technology has developed into an approximately ideal system technology. It is a reliable and stable new molten pool smelting method

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Main Feature
  • Strong adaptability of raw materials. Can deal with desulfurization and non-desulfurization lead paste, lead glass, lead slag, lead dust and other lead-containing waste. Furnace material preparation is simple, raw materials can be directly added to the furnace after simple granulation.
  • Good heat and mass transfer. Oxygen-rich air through the side wall air outlet into the melting pot, combustion in the melting pot, stirring intensity, mass and heat transfer fast, high heat utilization, heat intensity per unit volume. It is especially suitable for the treatment of non-heat materials.
  • Good Operation on  Safety. The furnace wall is protected by hanging slag, simple operation, safety and reliability.
  • High operation rate, long furnace life. The bottom of the furnace is refractory brick, strong resistance to slag and lead ice and copper erosion. The air nozzle has a long life, easy maintenance, low failure rate and low maintenance.
  • Good environmental protection. Adopting micro-negative pressure operation, no flue gas escape, no lead dust dispersion. The slag produced contains less than 1% lead, which is general solid waste and can be used as building materials.
  • Low treatment cost. Adopting oxygen-enriched combustion technology to treat lead paste, low energy consumption. Flue gas volume is small, flue gas sulfur concentration is high, low cost of flue gas desulfurization, lead recovery rate is high, according to practice data, the process slag rate <15%, slag containing lead <1%, lead recovery rate> 99%.
Technical Specification

Technical advantages:

The charge preparation is simple and can handle charge with various complex components;

The bed energy rate is high; the fuel and reducing agent can be either coal or natural gas.

Flexibly control the redox atmosphere in the furnace by adjusting the ratio of fuel, reducing agent, air, and oxygen.

Oxygen-enriched side-blown furnaces can be used not only as smelting equipment, but also as slag depletion or fumeification equipment, and are particularly good at processing various oxide raw materials;

The furnace body has good sealing performance, good environmental conditions in the workshop, high level of automation, relatively simple operation, and compact furnace structure;

No Equipment List Model Unite Qty
1 Furnace cylinder and base 8.4㎡ Q235 set 1
2 Slag outlet assembly ZG50 PC 1
3 1~3 layers of connecting water jackets 160*160*12  Q235 Pc 62
4 Connecting steel frame □250 Ton 38
5 1∽3 layers of copper water jacket 800*2250*150 T2 Pc 62
6 Primary air outlet assembly T2 Pc 12
7 Secondary air outlet assembly 316L Pc 12
8 Primary and secondary air supply ducts Φ325  Φ80 Pc 1
9 Four-layer water jacket assembly Q245R Pc 20
10 Furnace top water jacket assembly   g20 Pc 3
11 Flue connection water jacket assembly   g20 Pc 4
12 Furnace frame □400 Ton 36
13 Support rod (jack) assembly Screw RodΦ=35  45# Pc 103
14 Safety ports   g20 Pc 2
15 Charging spout assembly   g20 Pc 1
16 Stainless steel short section (flame arrestor)   316L Pc 12
17 Furnace circulating water network fittings batch 1
18 Refractory materials MGZ Ton 120
19 Subtotal

Cost Advantage:

Compared with other smelting methods that directly handle complex materials, such as Ausmelt, ISA and other methods, the oxygen-rich side-blown smelting technology has independent intellectual property rights and does not require the introduction of technology and expensive key equipment. The equipment is all domestically produced and construction investment is required. can be greatly reduced. At the same time, this technology is currently the most advanced molten pool melting technology, and its operating costs and technical indicators have reached leading domestic and foreign levels.

Industry Application