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HXGN15-12 Ring Net Cabinet

The cabinet structure adopts aluminum zinc plate with multiple folding and bending, and it is hard and fast. Tight up simple structure, good appearance, reasonable layout, combined with modern sensor technology and the latest protection relay

KYN28A-12 Center Cabinet

The KYN28A-12 misplaced shifting center-mounted metal-enclosed switchgear is a complete power distribution unit of 3. 6_12kV three-phase AC 50HZ single busbar and single busbar segmentation system.

TPX Power Distribution Box

TPX type lighting distribution box is suitable for industrial and civil buildings, AC frequency 50, 60HZ, voltage 220V/380V, rated current 5-225A for lighting distribution, this equipment is responsible for completing power control and protection at the end of low voltage power supply system

MNS Switch Cabinet

MNS type low-voltage switchgear is manufactured according to the transfer technology of ABB company of Switzerland.

GGD Fixed Switchgear

The GGD low-voltage switchgear produced by our company is divided into GGD1, GGD2 and GGD3 according to the ability of 15KA, 30KA and 50KA, to meet the application of different occasions.

GGK Drawer Switchgear

The GCK switch produced by our company has been tested by the national "3C" compulsory certification, which conforms to:National standard: GB7251. 1-2005 low-voltage switchgear and control equipment National machinery industry standard: JB/t961-1 999 "low-voltage drawing switchgear"