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Exploration Drilling Rig GX-1TD

WRIKU@ GX100 Exploration Core Drilling Rig GX-100 is a shallow light drilling rig with a drilling capacity of Max 100m depth, it is Applicable to engineering geological survey and general core drilling that is also a new type of portable engineering geological drilling machine with vertical shaft type mechanical transmission,

Exploration Drilling Rig X

WRIKU@TX-1TD-L Crawler type rig is common to have issues such as shallow hole, short distance between holes and high frequency of relocation during the drilling projects. Dismantling manually and relocating it not only intensify the labor works but increasing the time taken for the drilling therefore reducing the construction efficiency

Exploration Drilling Rig XY-2

XY-2 Exploration core drilling rig XY-2 s applicable in geological prospecting, hydrology, drilling for water well and large diameter drilling projects. It weighs only 950kg excluding the engine and can be transported in 8 different parts where the largest part has weight 140kg.