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Wheeled Radial Conveyors

The crawler conveyor is a crawler-type fully mobile conveyor, usually used in mobile crushing stations and screening stations. Due to transportation conditions, it is not allowed to expand the volume and length of the vehicle-mounted conveyor to cope with continuous Increased production volume.

Spiral Conveying Feeder

Screw conveying feeder is _ kind widely use in conveying equipment, mainly used for horizontal or inclined (slope Angle is not more than 20 °) conveying powder, granulated and small lump materials, such as coal powder, carbon black, soda ash, renewable rubber powder, zinc oxide, calcium carbonate and small lump coal and so on

TPK Chute Feeder

TOMINE Trough Type feeder is suitable for materials with medium size of broken shoulders. The maximum grain size should not exceed 150mm, and the fuselage should be placed downwards at an angle of 5~6 degrees.

GZG Vibrating Feeder

TOMINE GZG series synchronous inertial vibrating feeder transits lump and grain materials to the receiver evenly and continually or quantitatively, which can protect the receiver from being damaged by materials It can feed the crusher continually and evenly so to improve crushe capacity and keep it running continuously.

Apron Feeder

TOPMINE Apron feeder is generally used under the large-scale hopper, transporting the material of large volume to a variety of crushing devices in a uniform and continuous way at a short distance.Besides, it is widely used in various fields such as mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry.Apron feeder is a kind of bulk material conveying equipment, changing the batch-type feeding into continuity feeding

Vibrating Feeder

TOMINE feeder is linear vibrating type .its vibration exciter could ensure stable vibration, reliable running and long service life time. In this way, the feeder could continuously feed crusher at an even speed