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Rock loader

Introduction:TOMINE rock loader is widely applied in the following two situations, one is the the orizontal tunnel rail without explosive gas, another is inclined tunnel well at 8 degree, which can be also used to load and transport other lumps or granular materials. this roack loader shall be used in the roadway which is not less than 2.2mm(from the rails surface). TOMINE roack loader has been widely used in thousands of mining companies in China, service a the major tunnel transportation equipments while compaired with other brand, of the top quality at present of the Chinese quality standard.

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Main Feature

Features and Characteristics

  • Low runing cost
  • Simple Design and easy for transportion
  • Explosive proof design;
  • Long service life
  • Majorly used in under tunel rocks and or lumps loading into trum car or movement


Technical Specification
Size Z20 Z30
capacity(m3/h) 30-40 60
Loader volum(m3 ) 0.2 0.3
 Loading height(mm) 2 2.2-2.5
tiping height(mm) 1300 1300
Length(mm) 2400 2590
width (mm) 1230 1200
(mm) Height of bucket lowing(mm) 1260 1443
 working heght(mm) 2180 2250
 rail distance(mm) 600 600
 weight(Kg) 3620 4000