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TOMINE@ Steel-Rubber Composite Pipe has excellent performance on anti-corrosion, wear-resistance and impact resistance, and is widely used in the concentrate and tailings conveying system in metallurgy, electric power, chemical, petroleum, coal, cement and other industries, the ash conveying system of coal-fired power plants, chemical anticorrosion, coal mine backfilling and Rivers, port dredging, pipelines and other fields. It is especially suitable for working under the environment of conveying temperature between -50℃~+120℃.


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Main Feature

1. Wide Application Range WRIKU@NP Steel-Rubber Composite Pipe can be used for a long time under an environment between -50℃~+120℃. The lining rubber will not be separated from the steel pipe due to temperature changes.

2. Very High Impact Resistance. The rubber deforms under impact, absorbs the kinetic energy of the particles, and then transfers most of the energy back to the particles in the form of rebound, reducing the impact force and greatly improving the service life.

3. Good wear resistance: Rubber lining can be formulated according to the needs of wear resistance, and its wear resistance is more than five times that of steel pipes and four times that of ceramics.

4. Good anti-corrosion performance The rubber lining can be formulated according to the needs of anti-corrosion and is suitable for high corrosive environments. The steel-rubber composite pipe is resistant to corrosion by various acids, alkalis, salts and sewage, and can be used in complex and harsh chemical corrosion environments.

5. Small running resistance and Lower energy consumption . WRIKU@rubber-lined steel pipe tube is produced under high-pressure airbag extrusion process, with smooth inner wall, high density and strong impermeability, which saves both operating and reduces cost.

6. Light weight, convenient installation and maintenance. WRIKU@ steel frame of the rubber-lined steel pipe only plays a pressure-bearing role and can be thinned to the lowest pressure-bearing degree. Its weight is 20-30% lighter than ordinary steel pipes. The rubber-lined steel pipe is not afraid of bumps and the lining will not break.

7.The service life is 4-5 times longer than that of pure steel pipes. The average annual investment during the lifespan is low. Because of its light weight, it can save bracket costs, reduce resistance consumption and save operating costs. The comprehensive cost of rubber-lined steel pipes is correspondingly greatly reduced, which can save users A lot of money.

Technical Specification
Specification of Rubber-lined Seamless Steel Pipe
Size(mm) Liner Thickness
Working Pressure
Pipe Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Working Pressure (Mpa)
φ89×4 4mm 0-6.4 φ325×8 6mm 0-4
φ108×5 4mm 0-6.4 φ377×9 6mm 0-4
φ133×5 4mm 0-6.4 φ426×9 6mm 0-4
φ159×5 4mm 0-4 φ480×9 8mm 0-2.5
φ180×5 4mm 0-4 φ530×9 8mm 0-2.5
φ219×6 5mm 0-4 φ560×9 8mm 0-2.5
φ245×6 5mm 0-4 φ630×10 10mm 0-2.5
φ273×6.5 6mm 0-4 φ680×10 10mm 0-2.5
1.Steel-rubber composite pipes are classified according to their shapes: straight pipe, elbow, elbow, tee, etc.
2.Steel-rubber composite pipes are classified according to pipe diameter: DN8O-DN630..
3.According to the thickness of the inner lining of the tube: various specifications ranging from 4.5mm to 12mm, and the thickness of the lining can be determined
according to customer requirements.
Industry Application
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