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Technician training is simultaneous with the installation & commission in order to save time and cost for customers. Training technician on site makes the production line work earlier and bring benefits. On the other hand, it can set up one technical team for customers to guarantee the normal operation of the factory in the future.

The technicians who have extremely rich practical experience for worker training are experts of installation and commission team. They help workers to pay attention to some details which usually don’t be easy to notice but extremely important. We mainly train workers on three aspects:

1. Operation training for all workers involved in mineral processing.

2. Training for solving the common problems in the plant operation and processing technology, showing live solution demonstration for workers

3. Giving instructions for practical personal operation makes the operators independently operate the machines.

Through the above three aspects of training, workers could skillfully operate beneficiation techniques (crushing particle size, adding medicament etc.) and processing equipment. Customers have their own technical team, which ensure the beneficiation plant run smoothly.