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Flexible Slurry Hose Pipe

Rubber hose for slurry transfer is a composite of multi-layer rubber, steel wire skeleton and non-metal reinforcement layers through special process. Its innermost wear layer is made of premium natural rubber latex treated with nano formula and liquid-phase technology, which enables it to resist slurry abrasion. The flexible stainless steel wire skeleton not only maintains the characteristics of rubber hose, but also protects it from collapse because of destructive load. The reinforcement layers that bear static pressure of fluids are compounded of high strength cord fabric.

Rubber hose is mainly applied in mines, such as slurry process pipeline, tailings transfer/discharge pipeline, corrosive media transfer in non-ferrous metal smelting, transfer of pulverized coal and CWS, backfilling and filling pipeline for underground mined-out area. It is also applicable for long-distance/gathering pipeline for land/beach oil delivery and reinjection, power plant process water/backwater delivery and residue transfer, transfer of corrosive media such as brine water, salt slurry and crude salt that contain granules in acid, alkali and saltchemical industry as well as silt transfer in dredging engineering for river, lake, port and wharf.

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Main Feature

Characteristic of Wearing Resistanse Rubber Hose

  • Rubber hose has good winding performance and impact resistance. The pipeline can be bent, and it is flexible to bend the pipeline in complex working conditions. At the same time, it has high strength, rigidity, impact resistance, and has a low linear expansion coefficient and creep resistance similar to a steel pipe. The rubber hose lining material has strong impact resistance and shock absorption ability, and its flexibility can provide an extremely reliable guarantee for the conveying system;
  • Rubber hose has high abrasion resistance. The wear resistance is several times higher than that of steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, and wear-resistant metal spraying products. It is better to transport small particles such as fly ash, coal water slurry, tailings and other materials with raw salt and other materials, which greatly improves the use of pipes life. And the rubber hose can increase the conveying efficiency by about 20% than the steel pipe;
  • Wide range of temperature resistance, up to -50~95℃.
  • High static pressure endurance, up to 2.0Mpa.
  • High tensile strength. Riggings are provided at the connections between pipe and pipe fittings for lifting.
  • The rubber hose is scale-reducing and energy-saving. With good lubricity and non-stickiness, scaling is difficult to form. Because the inner wall of the pipeline is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and non-scaling, the flow resistance is very small, and the friction coefficient is small, and the flow rate and flow can be maintained for a long time.
  • Rubber hose is corrosion-resistant and anti-aging. There is no need to apply anticorrosive paint during pipeline construction. Except for a few media, it can withstand a variety of chemical media. Add to the ingredient formula
  • Adding antioxidants and carbon black UV absorbers, it has outstanding anti-aging performance and good weather resistance. Due to its stable nature, it has strong weather resistance and good aging resistance。
  • Easy installation. Besides its excellent flexibility, its weight is merely about 1/6 of the carbon/stainless steel pipe, which brings great convenience for loading/unloading, transportation, installation and utilization. It is applicable for different foundations and can be laid bent directly. Easy connecting and convenient handling largely reduce the consumption of manpower and materials during installation.
Technical Specification
Steel Pipe Size Rubber Thickness Work Press Steel Pipe Size Thickness Work Press
mm Mpa mm mm Mpa
φ89×4 4mm 0-6.4 φ325×8 6mm 0-4
φ108×5 4mm 0-6.4 φ377×9 6mm 0-4
φ133×5 4mm 0-6.4 φ426×9 6mm 0-4
φ159×5 4mm 0-4 φ480×9 8mm 0-2.5
φ180×5 4mm 0-4 φ530×9 8mm 0-2.5
φ219×6 5mm 0-4 φ560×9 8mm 0-2.5
φ245×6 5mm 0-4 φ630×10 10mm 0-2.5
Φ273×6.5 6mm 0-4 φ680×10 10mm 0-2.5
Industry Application