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Modular Natrual Rubber Screen Panels
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Comparing TOMINE modular rubber screen panels with traditional screen panels:

◆ Boltless connection of screen panel is easy to install and disassemble.

◆ Smooth screen panel surface, built-in skeleton to improve overall strength

◆ Smooth screen surface to ensure uniform material distribution

◆ Viscous or moist materials can be screened

◆ Arbitrary diameter, type of aperture and panel thickness

◆ Only the abrasive screen surface needs to be replaced to save cost.



Flow Chart

◆ Product standardization to improve the production cycle of screen panel.

◆ Blank panel for impact area and discharge part.

◆ The product is made of impact-resistant rubber sheet with high impact resistance.

◆ The special steel frame increases the overall strength of blink panel and prolongs its service life.

PS:Ti’s have Customizable process
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