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Flash Smelting & Converting Technology
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Flash Smelting Technology is featured with quick reaction speed, high reaction   temperature, strong smelting intensity, high production efficiency, and high level  of automation  and  good  environmental  performance; and it is also suitable for large-scale production system. The company has abundant engineering  experience  in  commercializing  this  technology  and  has  independently  designed multiple flash smelting systems. Meanwhile, the company has developed  a  synthetic  furnace  incorporating  flash  furnace  and  electric  furnace, making composite furnace and electro-thermal slag cleaning furnace be   directly connected, as do their baths. The technology enables the      furnace to directly produced is card slag, thus achieving low energy     consumption and high direct recovery.

Flash  Converting  Furnace  adopts  similar  furnace  type  with  flash  smelting furnace. Copper matte is granulated, ground and dried before being fed into  converting furnace through the nozzle of reaction shaft to produce blister as   a result of reaction. The world’s largest flash smelting + flash converting   system engineered by the company was built and commissioned in 2013 in Fangchenggang, Guangxi province, China.  Meanwhile, the company has also successfully     commercialized the suspension converting technology one example is   for Sanmenxia Au&Cu Smelter whose suspension converter is a wholly proprietary metallurgical furnace type with blister output of 300kt/a

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TOMINE has  has provided universal engineering services from engineering test, project consulting, engineering design, EPC service to project supervision, etc. for more than one hundred of copper smelting compa- nies worldwide, making it the only one engineering corporation in the industry being capable of designing smart plants and providing such complete set of large equipment as metallurgical furnace and waste heat boiler, etc., as well as DCS.

TOMINE  has  rich engineering experience  in comprehensive  recovery from copper sulfide ore, copper oxide ore, complex copper-nickel  mix ore and secondary copper materials, and  has mastered multiple copper smelting technologies including flash smelting, top-blowing smelting, bottom-blowing smelting, side-blowing smelting, pressure leaching, roasting – leaching, etc. TOMINE has designed the world’s largest copper smelting operating lines by using top-blowing technology,flash technology and oxygen bottom-blowing technology, with the maximum concentrate throughput for single operating line reaching more than 1600kt/a.

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