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Hydrometallurgy Technology for Copper Sulfide
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.Hydrometallurgy for Copper Sulfide

Pressurized Leaching

Valuable metals, such as copper and cobalt, are dissolved into leachate in pressurized, heated oxygen atmosphere

Roasting and leaching

Roasting  sulfide  ore  and  then  Cu  is recovered by leaching.


Medium-temperature and high-tem- perature bacteria are used  to oxidize and   dissolve   copper  in  sulfide  ore. Available processes are  heap  leaching and agitated leaching.

Flow Chart

Plant Process 

Roughing flotation to obtain coarse concentrate for grinding,Sweeping by flotationto obtain concentrate  and tailings pulp.Raw copper  ore transported to warehouse by the mine car for storage,Raw Ore sent to the jaw crusher for primary crushing through the electric vibration feeder,Crushed product is transported to the cone crusher for secondary crushing by the belt conveyor, andSecondary crushed product is sent to the cone crusher for secondary crushing.Ore  after crushing and Screening sent into hopper for the ball mill  grinding;Grinding product is sent to the hydrocyclone for classification.Stirring is carried out in the tank, and after stirring, the ore pulp enters the flotation machine for flotation.After the ore slurry passes through a copper rougher, the tailings obtained are scavenged, and the scavenging concentrate is returned to the copper rougher for repeated concentration.

 Tailing  Treatment Process

Scavenging tailings slurry is pumped to the thickening cyclone for thickening, and the concentrated overflow is conveyed Concentrate again in the high-efficiency thickener, the overflow water of the thickener is returned for reuse, the underflow is sent to the high-efficiency multi-frequency dewatering screen with the underflow of the thickening cyclone for filtration, the filtrate water is returned to the tailings slurry, and the filter cake is transported by a belt conveyor to the tailings pond. The concentrate obtained from copper roughing is put into the ball mill for regrinding.

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