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TOMINE@WRIKU TPWK Serious tailing Magnetic Seperator is mainly used for the separation of fine-grained strong magnetic ore and removing magnetic mix-in from non-magnetic slurry materials. Applicable for the iron-separation plants in connection with materials in large volume, with fine granularity and low grade or for recycling strong magnetic ore substance from the tailings of the calcination process or from the iron containing dust slime of the steel-making plants. When used for iron ore tailings re-selection, if the grade of the ore tailings is about 9%, the grade of the concentrate produced using this produce and after corresponding ore processing techniques can reach between 60% – 65%


Capacity: 250TPH Solid Dry Ore Densiy: 4.8T/H Slurry Density: 10-15% Feeding Particle Size: 300Micron Follow Capacity: 2500CBM/H Maganetic Intensity: 250mT Discharging: Water/Dry Installation Quantity: Two Set Recovry ratio: 2% Grade after upgrading: >65%


Note: the number of Magnetic disks can be adjusted according to the flow volume—-

Production Efficiency Feeding Size(mm) Production Capacity(T/H)
0-5 600-800
Magnetic Disc Assembly Disc Dia(mm) Disc Number RPM/Min
1200 8 6-10
Magnetic Intensity 250mT
Drive Assembly Cycloid Gear Motor Power 7.5Kw, 380V,50Hz,3P, Speed ratio71
 Installation Dimension(mm) Length 3108
Width 1850
Height 1392
Weight(Kgs) 1720
Flow Chart

Project Data&BackGroup:

the tailing capacity of first plant is 200 to 250 t/h with solid content of 10 to 15 percent. The company that we are working on their plants has 4 iron ore beneficiation plants with capacity of 10 million tons of Iron ore concentrate production per year.

The processing Plant  has 4 stage of magnetic separation in this plant (cobber, rougher, cleaner and recleaner). All the tailing come from cobber stage and the tailing of other stages resend back to the feeding of cobber. The magnetic intensity of cobber magnetic separators is 350 mT and for all other three stages is 120 mT. Tailing TFe grade is around 20 and we expected around 1 to 2 percent magnetite particles in tailing. Our davis tube test with 120 mT shows recovery of 1 to 2 percent magnetite with TFe grade of 62 percent.

As we know your magnetic disc separator could be consider as solution for our requirements. Please let us have your technical and commercial proposal together with your reference list regarding this projec

PS:Ti’s have Customizable process
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