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Oxygen-enriched Side-blowing Bath Smelting Technology
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Side-blowing smelting technology

Oxygen-enriched side-blowing bath smelting technology has seen a very rapid development  in recent years. It adopts a fixed horizontal furnace body, and concentrate is directly fed into furnace via the feeding port at furnace top,  and oxygen and air are injected  into  furnace  via lances positioned at furnace side to complete chemical reaction. The technology is featured with strong flexibility to various feeds, low capital cost, high direct recovery and low operating cost, etc.

Multi-lance top-blowing converting technology

It is a new-type copper matte continuous converting technology invented as a result of TOMINE’ s own research and development, adopting a fixed furnace type. Oxygen-enriched air is injected into the melt via multiple top-blowing  lances and qualified  blister  is produced after reaction. The technology has such merits as strong reaction intensity, high availability, low cost and good operating conditions,  etc. The world’s  first  side-blowing  smelting  +  multi-lance top-blowing continuous converting process production line engineered  by  us has been successfully put into operation.


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TOMINE has  has provided universal engineering services from engineering test, project consulting, engineering design, EPC service to project supervision, etc. for more than one hundred of copper smelting compa- nies worldwide, making it the only one engineering corporation in the industry being capable of designing smart plants and providing such complete set of large equipment as metallurgical furnace and waste heat boiler, etc., as well as DCS.

TOMINE  has  rich engineering experience  in comprehensive  recovery from copper sulfide ore, copper oxide ore, complex copper-nickel  mix ore and secondary copper materials, and  has mastered multiple copper smelting technologies including flash smelting, top-blowing smelting, bottom-blowing smelting, side-blowing smelting, pressure leaching, roasting – leaching, etc. TOMINE has designed the world’s largest copper smelting operating lines by using top-blowing technology,flash technology and oxygen bottom-blowing technology, with the maximum concentrate throughput for single operating line reaching more than 1600kt/a.

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