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Advantage of Technical Performance

1.Compared with ordinary pipes, the rubber lined steel pipe produced by TOMINE has long service life, light in weight, good anti-corrosion performance and low running resistance. It does not deguming in case of long time large temperature difference , and the turning point can increase the wall thickness and prolong the service life. The designed service life of the rubber lined steel pipe is 15-40 years. A classic case of TOMINE steel rubber composite pipe that was installed in a  Jinduicheng Molybdenum Mining Co ltd in China, which has been running very well since 1998 without any problems. The rubber lining pipe can be used repeatedly for 4 times,  which largely reduces the cost, shortens production cycle, there fore can ensure the construction period.

2.TOMINE steel and rubber composite pipe  , which is made of ordinary steel pipe as the skeleton  and natural rubber with excellent resistance  against wearing, corrosion and heat as the lining layer, using rubber’s unique performance  such as high elasticity, high airtightness,  resistance of impacting , wearing  , weathering , radiation, chemical destroying and vibration absorbing , etc., has high-performance adhesives through a special refinery  process on rubber and double advantages of steel pipe and rubber, is a widely acclaimed composite pipe

3.As shown in the diagram, the outer layer of the steel rubber tube is made of ordinary steel pipe (spiral welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe, etc.) as the metal skeleton; the middle layer is a high-performance adhesive layer imported from the USA; the inner layer is a rubber lining layer, which can be matched with the rubber material according to different working conditions. The peel strength test has proven that the bonding strength between the layers is stable and firm.


Advantages of Technical Performance 

  1. Excellent abrasion resistance: Word leading Abrasion values are in the range of 0.02-0.10cm3/1,61km, approximately 3-5 times that of plastic and 4-6 times that of steel.  
  1. Long Service Life: The ageing resistance is superior, and the general service life under normal use pressure and temperature is more than 15 years (theoretical value), and the rubber-lined pipes can be repeatedly lined with rubber in four times, which reducing costs and ensuring a short production cycle.
  1.  High Strength, high impact resistance:Rigid and flexible steel pipe has high mechanical strength, excellent rigidity, strong seismic performance, of greatest resistance against impact, water hammer and against creep. The rubber deforms under impact, absorbing kinetic energy from the particles and then bouncing most of it back to the particles, reducing the impact.
  1. Excellent Corrosion resistance :In addition to strong oxidising acids, the rubber is resistant to various corrosive media (acids, alkalis, salts, seawater) and organic media (except Tsai solvents) within a certain temperature and concentration range.
  1. Wide Temperature Range: Long-term use in the range of -50°C to +150°C. The lining layer will not break away from the skeleton due to temperature changes.
  1. Low Running Resistance and energy saving:Its self-lubricating and non-adhesive properties are good, and the transport resistance is about 20% smaller than that of ordinary steel pipes, which saves a lot of transmission power.
  1. Good anti-scaling and slow scaling performance:Small surface rubber lining roughness, resistance coefficient of clear water is 0.0165, and the rubber is adaptable to conventional acid and alkali media, which will not cause corrosion and scaling.
  1. High bonding strength, no cracking: Steel and rubber  are composite, bonding strength in more than 10MPa, especially in the late application,lined  rubber wear layer  does not crack off.
  1. Light weight, easy to install and maintenance:The low density and light weight of the rubber elastomer make it easy to transport, install and maintain.
  1. Versatile, quick and easy to connect:Easy to load, unload, transport, carry and install; quick and easy to connect on site, no welding required, reliable sealing.


Flow Chart

 I.Construction characteristics of Rubber Property

1) Special spraying equipment that meets the volume ratio conditions of two-component high pressure, heating, and flow must be used.

2) The spraying gel time is short, generally 3-60 seconds, and it can be sprayed on any shape and top surface, without the phenomenon of flowing coat.

3) The film formation speed is fast, and the compactness is good. The film thickness of one spray can be determined within 0.8-5mm. It overcomes the defect that the thickness of the coating film of the thick paste type coating requires multiple construction and accumulation.

4) Good adhesion to the base surface of the steel structure. After the base surface is treated, the adhesion is guaranteed to be ≥5mpa, generally 5-12mpa.

5) It is especially suitable for the construction of large area, many arbitrary shapes, thick film type coating, and the construction speed is fast and the maintenance period is long.

6) The sensitivity of the construction process to water, humidity, temperature, etc. is lower than that of general anti-corrosion coating construction requirements, and the construction conditions are relatively loose.

2. Environmental protection and safety

1) Spray polyurea adopts 100% solid content raw material formula without any volatile ingredients. It is a kind of green and environmentally friendly paint so that there is no organic solvent volatilization in the production and construction process, production and construction do not pollute the atmospheric environment, and do not affect the health of production and construction personnel.

2) There is no organic solvent volatilization during production and construction, which can effectively eliminate the potential safety hazards of flammability and explosion. It is a safe-to-use paint.

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