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Tungsten Tailing Recycle
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The ore sample sent by the Western Mining,China,   is a khaki powder ore. The grade of the ore sample has such element percentage as  αWO3=0.32% and αSn=0.048%. αCu = 0.38%. Among them, tungsten and copper have higher grades and have recycling value.

The experimental data obtained are as follows:

ITEMS Feeding Production Heavy Sand Quality(%) Recycling(%)
Pb Zn Pb Zn
Tailing in flotation 2000g 4.66% 93.2G 0.53 0.22
Tailing After Concentrator 1.04 1.57 12.5 16
Mining Taining 2000g 4.26% 85.1G 0.54 0.87
Sample after concentrator 2.98 3.96 23.5 19.4

Background of the Swirl Centrifugal Concentrator

In recent years, many new high-efficiency centrifugal beneficiation equipments have been introduced  gradually, and  have achieved certain industrial applications. The swirling centrifugal beneficiation technology has made a major breakthrough in the mining industry, especially with the increasingly prominent environmental pollution problems, centrifugal separation technology has attracted the attention of government and business users worlwide

Flow Chart

Vertical centrifugal concentrators that have been developed outside of China, including Knelson centrifugal concentrators and Falcon centrifugal concentrators, both of which can achieve low water consumption and high enrichment ratio with continuous operation style, have been widely used in the ore dressing industry wordwide. However, they end users runing and operation costs are extreamly high  due to the long service cycle and high cost of after-sales service and parts replacement,

In such a ctritical historical moment, the development and application of swirling centrifuges for continuous and multi-combination force fields is the mainstream of the development  in the future. The application of fluidized backflushing technology has become an important development  in vertical centrifuges innovation trend. Now, TOMINE  technical team team has developed centrifugal ore dressing equipment with independent intellectual property rights, which can provide enterprises and users with such a idea equipments of efficient environmental friendly, intelligent, low water consumption, continuous operation, convenient maintenance and excellent after-sales service , in the meanwhile, half costs while compared with that price of Falcon  band equivilent brand.

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