Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning Technology (SX-EW)

TOMINE stocks a large range of key solvents, extraction reagents, diluents and conditioners including oximes, organic amines and phosphoric/phosphonic acids

Non-submerged Pure Oxygen Top-blowing Smelting Technology

TOMINE Pure oxygen top-blowing copper smelting technology is a new technology researched and developed by TOMINE based on top-blowing technology,

Technologies for Copper Anode Slime Treatment (TBRC)

TOMINE TBRC process begins by pressurized leaching for Cu and Te removal a substitute for the conventional lead bullion furnace and the cupel furnace

Side-blowing submerged combustion (SSC) technology

TOMINE One oxygen-enriched air submerged type side-blowing furnace is to  produce  blister  copper  products containing  valuable metals

Copper Electrolysis Refining Technology

TOMINE  has  rich experience in electromagnetically  engineering in conventional electrolysis and permanent  cathode electrolysis processes

Hydrometallurgy Technology for Copper Sulfide

TOMINE Hydrometallurgy for Copper Sulfide Pressurized Leaching on Valuable metals are dissolved into leachate in pressurized, heated oxygen atmosphere

Hydrometallurgy for Copper Oxide

TOMINE Copper Oxide Leaching Technology is capable of engineering heap leaching and agitated leaching processes

Supporting Technology for Copper Pyrometallurgy

TOMINE'S new smelting slag treatment process  hot smelting slag comprehensive recovery technology in a harmless way

Oxygen-enriched Top-blowing Submerged Lance Bath Smelting &Converting

TOMINE (TSL technology)Oxygen-enriched top-blowing submerged lance bath smelting includes  ISA  process  and Ausmelt  process

Flash Smelting & Converting Technology

TOMINE Flash smelting technology is featured with quick reaction speed, strong smelting intensity, high production efficiency, and high level of automation

Oxygen-enriched Side-blowing Bath Smelting Technology

TOMINE Oxygen-enriched side-blowing bath smelting technology adopts a fixed horizontal furnace with concentrate directly into furnace

Copper Matte Bottom-Blowing Continuous Converting Process (BCC)

TOMINE BCC furnace is also of horizontal type with oxygen-enriched air blowing into furnace  via lances positioned at the furnace