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Three-Deck Shaking Table

The equipment is selected for pricess mineral from 2 to 0.010mm, and is mainly used in the fine-grained and  ultra fine-grain selection process of tin, tungsten and gold. It can also be widely used in silver, lead, zinc, antimony, bismuth, iron, manganese and ferro-titanium. And the selection process of minerals such as coal. It has a high enrichment ratio, can select high-grade concentrates and   throw out the final tailings. In most of time  multiple products can be obtained at the same time. The minerals on the bed surface are obvious to be  observed, adjusted, and accessed. It is very convenient and is one of the main equipments for fine grain gravity beneficiation.

The entire process of  ore sorting is done on the surface. When the slurry and the washing water are simultaneously fed into the bed surface through the mineral  and  water feeding  tanks, the ore particles in the groove are affected by the gravity  due to the asymmetric reciprocating acceleration movement of  surface along with the longitudinal direction. Under the combined action of lateral water impulse, longitudinal inertial force and friction force, longitudinal movement along the bed surface and lateral movement along the inclined bed surface. Therefore, ore of different specific gravity and different particle size is continuously loose, layered and zoned on the bed surface, and is discharged from the inclined end of the bed surface and the concentrate end of the tail and the different areas of the tailings side along the respective moving directions. Forming concentrates, secondary concentrates, medium mines and tailings.


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Main Feature


  1. Has a good Platt-Olyse motion curve, which is conducive to mineral sorting;
  2. The bed support skeleton is made of high quality wood or  steel, of the highestqualitywith Chinese lacquer fine workmanship,featured with light weight, un-deformable  smooth surface, reasonable friction coefficient, and good  resistance to any harmfully chemical like acid and alkali and high abrasion ration.
  3. The surface structure of the shaking table is unique with reasonable geometrydesign . It can eliminate the rapid flow phenomenon near the quenching line, thus reducing the loss of heavy minerals. One to three slope faces are provided in the longitudinal direction of the groove between the strips to improve the minerals. Sorting effect;
  4. The efficiency of the selection isveryhigh, with an enrichment ratio above 100%;
  5. Minerals with different specific gravity are clearly separated on the bed surface, and multiple products can be taken on the same bed surface at the same time;
  6. One sorting can produce qualified concentrates and discard the final tailing;



Technical Specification
Type Stroke




Slope Surface Size


Motor(Kw) and power/RPM Weight


                                           FOR TIN SEPERATION
Feed Size


Capacity in dry mineral/t/d Feeding Slurry


Water consumption


Course 16~22 270~290 2.5~4.5 4395×1825 YE3-132M-6 B3 4kW  940r/min ~6 2~0.5 60~105 25~30 240~450
Fine sand 11~16 290~320   1.5~3.5 4395×1825 YE3-132M-6 B3 4kW


~6 0.5~0.074 30~60 20~25 90~180
 Mud(Grooved) 8~11 320~360 1~2 4395×1825 YE3-132M-6 B3 4kW


~6 0.074~0.019 27~90 15~20 45~90
Ultra fine mud 5~7 480~520 1~1.75 4395×1825 YE3-132M-6 B3 4kW940r/min ~6 0.074~0.010 4.65 10~25 12~18
New Course Sand  








YE3-132M-6 B3 4kW












New fine sand 11~14 350~370 2~3 4395×1825 YE3-132M-6 B3 4kW


~6 0.5~0.019 75~135 20~25 60~90
New grooved 5~7 480~520 1.5~2.5 4395×1825 YE3-132M-6 B3 4kW


~6 0.074~0.010 45~75 15~25 30~60