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TPK Chute Feeder

TOMINE Trough Type feeder is suitable for materials with medium size of broken shoulders. The maximum grain size should not exceed 150mm, and the fuselage should be placed downwards at an angle of 5~6 degrees.  it uses high quality gear box motor with Frequency controller to adjust any feeding situiation of lumps in dry or wet situation, normally use for mineral processing plant equipments for ball mill, cone crusher and or relevent equipments that needs evenly feeding volume.

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Main Feature

1.Evenly feeding speed

2. Gear box drive

3. Large feeding volume

4. easy installation

5.Less spare parts required


Technical Specification
size CG980X1240 CG1000X2400
strokes 25-75 80
stroke frequency) 20 45、14
Capacity(m3/h) 20-69 25-77
motor Y132Ma -6 JZS2 -71-2
Gear Motor ZQ40-40-VI ZQ65-III-3Z
Industry Application