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Wire Line Mining locomotive

The line type mine electric locomotive produced by TOMINE is suitable for the transportation of the main roadways and different sections of the roadway in the traction mining area, for transporting minerals, equipment and personnel, etc. This type of mine locomotive is a non-explosion-proof electric locomotive, so it is only suitable for the use of metal ore or non-metallic mine in general without explosion danger.

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Main Feature

Features and Characteristics

  • Easy transportation;
  • Low operation cost;
  • Modular design assures convient installation;
  • Explosive proof applicable for all inside and outside tunnel application;
  • Competative cost while compared with other brand
Technical Specification
CZK3-6/250 CZK7-6/250 CZK10-6/250
L*W*H/mm 2700X946X1500 4530X1052X1550 4530X1052X1550
Weight(t) 3 7 10
Rail  wheel Gap(mm) 600 600 600
Shaft Gap (mm) 816 1100 1100
Roll diameter 650 680 680
Minimum curve radius (mm) 5700 7000 7000
The height of electrical work 1800-2200 1800-2200 1800-2200
Rated Voltage (V) 250(DC) 250(DC) 250(DC)
Hourly power consumption (a) 58 190 190
Hourly Pulling Force (kn) 4.41 24.53 24.53
continual Pulling force(kn) 1.715 13.05 13.05
Hour speed (km/h) 9.1 11 11
Contanual (km/h) 12 25 25
Motor Model ZQ-12 ZQ-21 ZQ-21
pwer per hour(kw) 12.2 20.6 20.6
motor quantity (SET) 1 2 2
Braking Methord Resistance starting Resistance starting Resistance starting
Braking Methord Mechanical Mechanical Mechanical
Industry Application