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Shaking Table

The YUN-TIN shaking table bears such outstanding features of good operation curve, smooth and flat shaking deck, resistant to acid, alkali , moisture and deformation, and also  has stable running performance, easy operation and adjustment, with high separation rate and clear mineral separation distribution. Wildly used for the ferrous and no-ferrous metal concentration such as  tin, lead, bismuth, tungsten, cobalt , titanium, tantalum, niobium, manganese and  gold as well as  rare earth ores etc . the feed size can be 2mm to 0.019mm.

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Main Feature

Advantages and Characteristics

  • 1. flate deck surface, abrasion  and  deformation resistance, easy for partial repair
  • 2.Big asymmetry of the head motion movement, and there is a wide adjustment range to suit a variety of feed particle size and sorting requirements
  • 3.Bedsides reliable running, less wear parts, and no leakkage on surface;
  • 4.The table face could be fabricated with fiber glass material, special wooden materials and special componded rubber materials as to the mineral particles gravity and size;
Technical Specification
 Main Technical Parameters
 Model Coarse sand deck Fine sand deck Grooved deck
 Deck size (mm) 4436×1825×1536
 Stroke (mm) 16-22 10-16 10-16
 Frequency of stroke (r/min) 240-290 300-320 330-340
 Water consumption (M3/d) 190 80 50
 Capacity (T/d) 30 8 8
 Feeding size (mm) 2-0.2 0.5-0.037 0.074-0.019
 Feeding density (%) 20-25 15-20 15-20
 Min. Installed slope 2° 30″ 1° 50″ 0° 45″
 Overall measurement (mm) 5454×1825×1242
Adjustable stroke (mm) 8-22
 Power (Kw) 1.5
 Weight (Kg) 1012